Eggs (Ep.1)


EPISODE (23:57)
Most eggs look identical to one another, leaving us highly-dependent on the egg carton to differentiate between the supermarket’s many options. In an effort to examine the claims found on the label, host Jon Steinman comes across some startling and unexpected truths, and becomes motivated to seek out alternatives to store-bought eggs. Featuring Chef Blaine Wetzel – The Willows Inn, Andrea Dwyer – Seattle Tilth, Ian Duncan – University of Guelph, Jodi Koberinski – Organic Council of Ontario, Kevin Scott-Vandenberge – Portage Bay Grange, Mark Kastel – Cornucopia Institute, Nigel Walker – Eatwell Farm, Riley Starks – Nettles Farm, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, and others.


How Organic are ‘Organic’ Eggs? (7:04)
What is an organic egg and are all organic eggs created equal? With organic food becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, some organic advocates believe many organic eggs are not so different from their conventional counterparts. Featuring Mark Kastel (Cornucopia Institute) and Jodi Koberinski (Organic Council of Ontario)


Farm Profile: Westlandyn Farms (2:53)
Westlandyn Farms is an egg producer in Shakespeare, Ontario. The operation uses a cage system to raise their birds. 98% of the eggs consumed in North America are produced using these systems.


The Welfare of Laying Hens with Ian Duncan (4:44)
Ian Duncan’s research into the welfare of laying hens contributed to the 2012 ban on battery cages in the EU but these systems still account for 98% of the eggs produced in North America. Jon Steinman sits down with Ian to assess the welfare implications of these cages.


Farm Profile: Eatwell Farm (5:17)
Eatwell Farm is a 105-acre organic CSA serving the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. The farm produces vegetables & fruit and is home to 3,000 pasture-raised hens. The hens are a critical part of this diverse organic farm.


Urban Chickens – Policy, Economy and Culture (5:13)
Across North America, it’s become commonplace for municipal councils to debate the pros and cons of permitting backyard chickens within city limits. The benefits of permitting chickens are now proving themselves.


Urban Chickens – A Day in the Life (3:52)
What does it take to produce eggs at home? Join Seattle backyard chickener Lyanda Lynn Haupt and learn what’s needed and what the rewards are.


In the Kitchen: Mayonnaise and Taco Sauce with Chef Blaine Wetzel (2:57)
Join Chef Blaine Wetzel of The Willows Inn as he demonstrates how to uses fresh local eggs to replace store-bought mayonnaise and mayo-based sauces.


Restaurant Profile: The Willows Inn (5:00)
The Willows Inn is a secluded retreat located on Lummi Island, WA. The Inn has become a culinary destination and their mantra – Fished, Foraged, and Farmed. Chef Blaine Wetzel sources ingredients from Lummi Island fishermen, the surrounding forests and beaches, and from Nettles Farm – only a short walk from the dining room.



  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Taco Sauce
  3. Leek & Herb Frittata