Honey (Ep.5)


EPISODE (23:57)
From flower to plate, the story of how pure honey ends up in a jar is an awe-inspiring reminder of the work of the honeybee and the ecological relationships we are all a part of. There are, however, many options of honey to choose from and consumers might want to question if what’s on the label, is what’s really in the jar? Featuring Pastry Chef Heather Carlucci formerly of PRINT, Andrea Reimer – City of Vancouver, Blair & Cheryl Tarves – Similkameen Apiaries, Brian Campbell – Blessed Bee Farm, Claire Marin – Catskill Provisions, Pat Bono – Seaway Trail Honey, Ron Phipps – CPNA International, Vaughn Bryant – Texas A&M University, Asia Warner, and others.


Honey Standards of Identity: Truth in Labelling (5:02)
When looking over the shelves at the supermarket, it’s not often that we question whether or not what’s on the label is what’s really in the jar. In the case of honey, is the honey truly from clover, orange blossom or buckwheat, and, is it even 100% honey??? Beekeeper Pat Bono is working to change the way honey is labelled in the United States.


Urban Honey Guru: Brian Campbell (4:48)
Brian Campbell is a Certified Master Beekeeper who plays an important role in supporting Vancouver’s urban beekeeping community.


Urban Honey Outfitters (3:53)
When it comes to using our kitchens, gardens and backyards to reconstruct our food system, there’s a long list of necessary tools and equipment. One business responding to this interest is Homesteader’s Emporium in Vancouver, British Columbia. A store like this is unique, but, it might just one day become the norm. Featuring Rick Havlak.


Farm Profile: Catskill Provisions (3:52)
For Claire Marin, bees started as a hobby in 2003 while she continued a hectic career in publishing as the associate publisher at More Magazine. In 2010, with multiple hives housing what she believes are the happiest bees in New York State, she said goodbye to publishing and created Catskill Provisions, a premier artisan food company with the mission to produce 100% raw, local products. She now manages over 700 hives in Delaware and Sullivan Counties as well as one hive on West 10th Street in Manhattan.


In the Kitchen: Honey Sweetened Granola with Chef Heather Carlucci (2:45)
For Chef Heather Carlucci, when she’s preparing fresh granola at home, she uses honey instead of sugar. Follow her step-by-step instructions.


Restaurant Profile: PRINT (2:44)
Located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, PRINT is a popular farm-to-table restaurant. As a restaurant which strives to use local and seasonal ingredients whenever it can, PRINT has created a unique position to fulfill this vision by employing what’s known as a forager.



  1. Tandoori Honey Chicken
  2. Honey Sweetened Granola