Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Maple Drizzle

When using quality pasture-raised pork, there really isn’t much that needs to be done in the kitchen to enhance what will already be meat with fantastic flavour. Tenderloin is one of my favourite cuts of pork, but this recipe below can be easily adjusted to suit most cuts. The amount of ingredients for the maple sauce will be enough for at least 8 servings. It’s easy to make and will last in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.

– Jon Steinman

Rabbit w/ Morels, Favas and Emmer Papardelle

Morels, rabbit and cream are a magical combination, and the addition of fava beans and this subtle emmer papardelle make it truly spectacular. Fresh morels are preferred, but this is a recipe where dried could be used. Just soak them in the white wine called for in the recipe before slicing, and use the wine for the sauce.

– John Sundstrom, Lark

Emmer (Farro) w/ Mascarpone, Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes

I’ve been fortunate to work with the Lucy family over the past few years. The Lucy’s own Bluebird Grain Farm in Winthrop, WA. I had been featuring farro (or emmer) on the menu at Lark since our first year, sourcing from a high quality Italian importer (Ritrovo). It had always been a popular and successful dish. I met the Lucy’s at the Farm-Chef connection one winter. They approached me and told me their story. I immediately started ordering the farro, as well as rye and wheat flours. The farro that the Lucy’s grow, in my view is the best that I’ve ever tried, and knowing that I’m now locally sourcing one of my favorite ingredients is huge. Helping to introduce their farm and products to the Seattle market is something I’m proud to have had a hand in.

– John Sundstrom, Lark