Emmer (Farro) w/ Mascarpone, Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes

I’ve been fortunate to work with the Lucy family over the past few years. The Lucy’s own Bluebird Grain Farm in Winthrop, WA. I had been featuring farro (or emmer) on the menu at Lark since our first year, sourcing from a high quality Italian importer (Ritrovo). It had always been a popular and successful dish. I met the Lucy’s at the Farm-Chef connection one winter. They approached me and told me their story. I immediately started ordering the farro, as well as rye and wheat flours. The farro that the Lucy’s grow, in my view is the best that I’ve ever tried, and knowing that I’m now locally sourcing one of my favorite ingredients is huge. Helping to introduce their farm and products to the Seattle market is something I’m proud to have had a hand in.

– John Sundstrom, Lark