Honey Sweetened Granola

There aren’t too many quick and easy comfort-food breakfasts or anytime-snacks better than a delicious, homemade honey-sweetened granola. – Heather Carlucci

Rabbit w/ Morels, Favas and Emmer Papardelle

Morels, rabbit and cream are a magical combination, and the addition of fava beans and this subtle emmer papardelle make it truly spectacular. Fresh morels are preferred, but this is a recipe where dried could be used. Just soak them in the white wine called for in the recipe before slicing, and use the wine for the sauce.

– John Sundstrom, Lark

Lark Crackers

We started making our own crackers in our second year of business. We go through hundreds every week, so clearly customers love them! They’re great with cheese and pate, and our onion-poppy version is always served alongside our steak tartare.

– John Sundstrom

Garlic Puree


One great way to take advantage of the garlic bounty is to make garlic puree – a silky sauce that can be poured over just about anything. The puree also can be used to give body to other sauces instead of adding cream or butter.