Deceivable Dairy

norwaybcheaderThis series follows the story of a raid on a farm in Ontario where raw milk was being produced and sold. As the sale of raw milk is prohibited throughout Canada, this exposure reintroduces the controversy surrounding the standard pasteurization of milk products. Dairy products are a staple of the North American diet, but how much information are Canadians and Americans missing out on? As one of the most aggressive marketers within the agriculture/food industry, dairy receives a pretty positive image, but as this series also explores, the production of dairy products raises concerns with animal welfare, environmental impacts and consumer health.

Deceivable Dairy II

Clean, white, wholesome milk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream – very common ingredients within the diet of Canadians. On part II of the Deceivable Dairy series, we look deeper into the dairy industry and explore the politics of production, trade and animal welfare. The welfare of dairy cattle was explored during part I of the…