Soil Matters CSA

norwaybcheaderOne of the greatest threats facing farmers today is the lack of financial reward. Should farmers really have to bear the financial risks associated with producing this essential contribution to life itself? Or, should all people equally share such risks? One alternative to the dominant food system is the model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). A set number of people within a city or town become a member of a farm, and in doing so pay the farmers at the beginning of the season when farmers need the money most. Members who join are then guaranteed what is most often a weekly box of fresh produce. As many farmers know all too well how easily an entire crop can be lost due to weather, pests or unforeseen circumstances, members of a CSA also share the risk with the farmer and, on the other hand, might share in the abundance. Near the community of Nelson, British Columbia, two intrepid farmers who only began farming a few years ago, have launched a CSA this year (2007). Host Jon Steinman chose to become a member and document the process of creating a CSA and the potential for such a model to reconnect people with their food and provide farmers with a more secure source of income.

Soil Matters CSA II / Marion Nestle

Soil Matters CSA One of the greatest threats facing farmers today and hence facing our own food supply is the financial rewards found in the field of farming, rewards that are seemingly more often then not, in the negative digits. Many argue that food and agriculture should be removed from global trade regimes. One of…