Best of Deconstructing Dinner Jun-Nov ’06

bestofindexLaunching the second season of Deconstructing Dinner, this broadcast explores the highlights from all shows aired between June and November of 2006. Show segments have been orchestrated alongside a soundtrack courtesy of Six Degrees Records. Broadcasts of Deconstructing Dinner can be listened to in their entirety, by browsing the “recent” section of the program’s web site.

Musical Selection (name/title/album/label)
Theme/Soundclip – Adham Shaikh, Infusion, Fusion, Sonic Turtle (CDN)

Musical Selection courtesy of
Six Degrees Records

  1. Bukken Bruse – Folketone fra Sunnmore, Northern Nights
  2. Another Fine Day – Irish China, Salvage
  3. Erik Wollo – Hildring, Northern Nights
  4. Issa Bagayogo – Baro, Timbuktu
  5. Bombay Dub Orchestra – The Berber of Seville (Suburbia Mix), Bombay Dub Orchestra
  6. Another Fine Day – Scarborough Fair, Salvage
  7. Bombay Dub Orchestra – The Berber of Seville (Father Mackay’s Celestial Vision), Bombay Dub Orchestra
  8. Bombay Dub Orchestra – Mumtaz, Bombay Dub Orchestra
  9. Another Fine Day – Urban Fox, Salavage
  10. Bombay Dub Orchestra – Dust (The Pigment of Your Imagination Mix), Bombay Dub Orchestra
  11. Anders Hagberg – Gilda (ending), Northern Nights
  12. Another Fine Day – Cutting Branches, Salvage
  13. Cheb i Sabbah – Sadats (The Sufi Sonic Remix, MoMo), La Ghriba / La Kahena Remixed