Pigshit! (Industrial Hog Farming in Quebec)

Recorded in May 2008, Pigshit! is a three-part documentary about the social, economic and environmental impacts of the factory hog farming industry in Quebec. The production features environmental activists, voices from citizen’s coalitions, and vintage tunes from Quebec’s past.

Pigshit! was produced by CKUT’s Charlotte Scott.


Holly Dressel, Author (Montreal, QC) – Holly sits on the board of directors of the Sierra Club of Canada, is a best-selling author of books on environmental subjects, and has co-authored two books with David Suzuki: “From Naked Ape to Super Species” and “Good News for a Change”. Holly was born in the U.S., immigrating to Canada in the 1970s. She has worked with aboriginal groups and Nobel Prize winners alike, all around the world. She works closely with several First Nations groups, including the Quebec Cree and Mohawk, and is also actively involved in Quebec environmental issues, including industrial farming, water privatization, forest use and more. Holly lives outside Montreal with her extended family on an organic farm.

Denise Proulx, Author, Porcheries! (Montreal, QC) – Denise is the author of Porcheries! – The Unintended Pork Culture of Quebec, which vehemently denounces and details the health impacts, environmental, social, political and economic consequences of industrial hog factories. Denise believes Quebec has taken an agricultural turn for the worse. Her journalistic work specializes in environment, agriculture and social development. Denise is also associated researcher and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Education at UQAM.

Benoit Girouard, President, Union Paysanne (St. Hyacinthe, QC) – Union Paysanne advocates for an agricultural focus on food sovereignty in order to provide people with a healthy and diverse supply of food while respecting nature, soil, animals, the environment and communities. They seek to maintain a healthy standard of living for farmers.

Daniel Green, Scientific Advisor, Sierra Club of Canada (Montreal, QC) – Sierra Club Canada is a member-based organization that empowers people to protect, restore and enjoy a healthy and safe planet.

Tony King, Cathleen Edwards, and Patricia Woods, community members

Musical Selection (name/title/album/label)
Theme/Soundclip – Adham Shaikh, Infusion, Fusion, Sonic Turtle (CDN)
Music Lionel Daunais, La Tourtiere (CDN)
Music Hector Pellerin, Le long du Saint-Laurent (CDN)
Music Jules Jacob & le choeur de la bonne chanson, Le reveil de la Nature (CDN)