Why Deconstruct Dinner?

For the inaugural broadcast of Deconstructing Dinner, the question of “why should we be deconstructing our dinner” was posed to 7 British Columbians who are concerned about the state of our food system.


Abra Brynne – Chair of the certification committee for the Kootenay Organic Growers Society. She sits on the board of Nelson’s Kootenay Co-op grocery store and was instrumental in helping form the BC Food Systems Network .

Kim Stansfield – Kim operates a 10-acre farm in Summerland where she grows grapes and creates value-added products from her crop. Kim also sits on the board for the Small Scale Food Processors Association.

Cathleen Kneen – Along with her husband Brewster, Cathleen publishes the monthly food systems newsletter The Ram’s Horn. Cathleen is helped found the BC Food Systems Network and she is the editor of BC Organic Grower – a quarterly magazine of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia.

Barbara Seed – Barbara is a Public Health Nutritionist and PhD student in Food Policy at City University in London, England, where her advisor Dr. Tim Lang is internationally renowned in food policy issues. Barbara is a registered dietitian and was also a member of the Vancouver Food Policy Council.

Gwen Chapman – Gwen is an Associate Professor in nutritional sciences at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Some of Gwen’s research involves exploring how our everyday food practices are shaped by socially-constructed notions of food, health, bodies, and roles.

Frank Moreland and Sandra Mark – Since meeting in 1998, Frank and Sandra have worked together in food related community economic development and co-operative development initiatives. Both are passionate about arming communities with the necessary tools to become economically viable. Sandra teaches community development at the University of Victoria’s School of Social Work.

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