The Local Grain Revolution II

thelocalgrainrevolutionindexSince the Local Grain Revolution series first aired in March 2008, a lot has transpired as a result of that broadcast. The Nelson-Creston grain community supported agriculture (CSA) project has been mentioned in the House of Commons; it was a feature in a May issue of The Globe an Mail; and people from across North America have become inspired to seek out locally grown grain.

On this exciting part II of the series, Host Jon Steinman travels along with the first CSA tour, where members and farmers met for the first time. Members were given the opportunity to see the grain that would soon become their bread, cakes or pasta.

So long as the will and effort of a community chooses to make it happen, this broadcast captures just how easily we can all work together to resurrect local food systems.


Matt LoweClimate Change CampaignerWest Kootenay EcoSociety (Nelson, BC) – The West Kootenay EcoSociety promotes ecologically and socially sound communities while protecting species and ecosystems in the Southern Columbia Mountains eco-region. Matt is the co-founder of the grain CSA.

Roy LawrenceFarmerLawrence Farm (Creston, BC) – Roy is a third-generation farmer. He has long farmed using conventional methods but sees the CSA as an opportunity to transition to growing naturally.

Keith HuscroftFarmerHuscroft Farm (Lister, BC) – Keith is a fourth-generation farmer. His great-grandparents were the first white settlers in the Creston Valley and his farm has been in operation for about 100 years. Keith takes all measures to ensure no inputs are required on his farm. He uses mixed farming practices and fertilizes using only animal and green manures. He is one of a shrinking number of farmers farming with horses instead of fossil-fuel dependent technologies.

Tammy HardwickManagerCreston & District Museum (Creston, BC) – Much of Creston’s history is rooted in agriculture, however, much of this history is now found indoors at the Creston museum.

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