The GMO Trilogy – “Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals”

gmoindexLaunched in April 2006, a new DVD and CD set produced by bestselling author Jeffrey Smith (Seeds of Deception) shows that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) put our health and environment at risk. The release of The GMO Trilogy was in conjunction with Earth Day (April 22) and International GMOpposition Day (April 8)- a coordinated 30-nation campaign to raise awareness about genetically modified (GM) food.

Organizations will be asking hundreds of thousands of their members to buy the Trilogy to show at house parties and several manufacturers have sponsored the 3-disc set to keep it affordable.

Deconstructing Dinner will be featuring the 3-part series in audio format between June and September.

Part 3 – Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals: Genetically Modifed Foods

Shocking research results, inadequate regulations and warnings from eminent scientists explain why GM foods are dangerous and should be removed from kids’ meals. The dramatic story of how student behavior in a Wisconsin school was transformed with a healthy diet provides added motivation to make a change. It features Jeffrey Smith and more than a dozen scientists and experts.

“Hidden Dangers pierces the myth that our government is protecting our food supply.”
– John Robbins, Diet for a New America

“It will change the way you look at food forever.”
– Howard Lyman, Mad Cowboy

“The revelations in Hidden Dangers make our choice clear? take needless risks with genetically engineered food or just say no to this madness.”
– Frances Moore Lappe, Diet for a Small Planet

“Watch this video and start educating yourself.”
– Candace Pert, PhD, Molecules of Emotion

“Play this video for parents! It’s powerful, moving, and will shake people awake to how crazy it is to feed genetically engineered foods to children. It will change what parents and schools buy, which will change what manufacturers use in their products.”
– Ronnie Cummins, National Director, Organic Consumers Association

“When parents watch scientist after scientist describe the dangers of GM foods, I wouldn’t want to be a stubborn food service director trying to stand in their way.”
– Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism

Deconstructing Dinner is strongly recommending that individuals and groups purchase the Trilogy and arrange group viewings of this moving and provocative film.

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